Human Amyloid Imaging Conference

The inaugural Human Amyloid Imaging (HAI ) event occurred in Boston in April 2007, drawing interest from labs in the US, UK, Europe, and Japan, with about 150 attendees. It featured concise talks and robust discussions, a format that continues to succeed by skipping basic background slides and limiting presentations to seven minutes.

Keynote speakers in 2007 were Drs. Dennis Selkoe and Bradley Hyman.

In 2011, the HAI became a standalone two-day meeting with around 200 attendees, confirming strong community interest.

From 2012, it maintained a 2.5-day format, gradually growing to over 400 participants from top research centers worldwide.

The 2024Human Amyloid Imaging Conference was held in Miami from January 17-19. With 443 attendees from around the world, 53 lectures, 144 posters, and 4 keynotes, the event showcased a commitment to advancing neurodegenerative brain imaging. Keynote recordings are available on the HA website, and you can review abstracts and details on the HAI app.

The HAI organizing team anticipate reconnecting in 2025 for their 17th edition.